As part of our Women in Corporate Finance initiative we are setting up a mentoring scheme for women to support and help other women in corporate finance. It will act as a support network of women within Corporate Finance who can pass on their experiences and help inspire others.
If you are interested in taking part in the mentoring/support process please let Sarah know: 020 3440 7658
The mentoring scheme is hugely beneficial to everyone who takes part in terms of:

• Sharing experiences
• Learning from others
• Clarifying your own thoughts
• Building a strong network
• Discussing and accepting realities
• Formulating strategies to deal with difficult situations
• Planning your career development path
• Realising your own potential and helping others to do the same
• Building a strong, supportive network
• Developing business relationships

All introductions are made with no commitment from either side, in total confidentiality and on an informal basis – the first meeting is most likely to be over a cup of coffee or a glass of wine.

To make the first step please contact Sarah, whether you wish to be a mentor or be mentored. She will be very keen to find out lots more about you and your background so that she can match you with the right person to mentor you or for you to mentor.
Also if you do know any other women who would be interested please do spread the word and ask them to get in touch!