If you are considering upskilling during lockdown to help you secure your career goals in the future, then the big question is – what skills should I work on?  We surveyed hundreds of financial services firms across the City to ask them that very question and the responses were very interesting:



56% of respondents suggested that the skills that would be useful to develop are financial analysis and financial modelling with merger modelling being the most mentioned specific modelling skill.

The other skills that are highly prized is communication and presentation.  Ways to work on these include:

  • Consider developing your knowledge and use of presentation software such as PowerPoint
  • Written communication is as important as verbal and in person communication so consider courses that develop your marketing and writing skills
  • Everyone is using MS Teams, Zoom and other platforms for virtual communication and presentations. Courses and practice on these would also be a good idea.

Overall, as one of the respondents to our survey commented, “Technical foundation is the most important. You can learn the rest. So, ensuring these foundations are very strong will always help.”  Any technical analysis, modelling or communications you can develop will add to your CV and open up opportunities.

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