We are seeing an acceleration in recruitment into M&A and corporate broking teams prompted by an increase in transaction activity and the lack of new joiners during lock down.  This is also impacting on the number of people returning to the office to work.

We were keen to get an idea of what is really happening so posted a poll on LinkedIn asking the question: “When are you expecting to return to the office?”.  The results were interesting and backed up the general feel that there is a very slow and cautious return to the workplace.

Only 10% of respondents are already back working in the office and a staggering 39% are not expecting to be back in the office until 2021, January or later.

This slow response could be due to many factors including:

  • Employees have proven their ability to work effectively and efficiently from home. They now have good working set ups at home and have a routine that works and produces results.
  • Employees are enjoying the benefits of working from home. More family and leisure time, no wasted costs on commuting, time saved by not commuting and the ability to be flexible and work when it suits them.
  • Technology has come on leaps and bounds and is successfully supporting employees and employers working from home.
  • Employers are seeing more productivity from employees working from home.
  • Employers are realising the costs they can save by having less office space, particularly in prime locations.
  • The complications of travelling in and home from work with public transport restrictions are off-putting.

With most firms planning to be fully back in the office only next year, the question now is how much new flexibility will there be going forward?  Both from the employers and from the regulators, such as AIM who previously would not allow Qualified Executives to work from home, all had to be office based 5 days a week.  It will be very interesting to see what the new working environment is going to look like and how much working from home will continue.

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