All recruitment processes are currently fully utilising virtual platforms to enable them to keep the momentum going and progress the interview schedules.  Whether that is a face to face video interview or a pre hire assessment to record your answers there are some techniques you can use to make the right impression and ensure that second or third round opportunity.

Please see below our top 10 tips to help you ace that virtual interview.  To register your interest in accessing more tailored support please click here.

Top 10 tips:

  1. Ensure you have set up a relaxed and easy interview environment. Are you in a quiet place? Is the lighting right?  It is always better to sit facing a window not with a window or light source behind you or to the side.
  2. Check and test that all the tech is working well. Including checking what comes across on camera. Are you in the middle of the screen?  What is behind you?  How does it all look?
  3. Prepare – think through carefully the skills you feel you will need for the role. Have a list of examples and experiences you can use to evidence these skills and back up your answers. Consider the questions you might be asked and prepare answers that demonstrate your research and show off your skills. Practice talking about your skills and experiences and stories and answering questions
  4. Research the company and role and weave that research into answers too
  5. Body language. Ensure you are calm and relaxed, stay still and try not to wave your hands around too much.  Moving around can distract the interviewer and make it difficult for them to properly listen to your answers.
  6. Communication. Slow down and speak clearly. Ensure your answers are concise and cover points but backed up with evidence and selling you and your skills.
  7. Always be positive and steer away from negativity.
  8. Relax, enjoy the experience and just be you. Give them the opportunity to get to know the whole you and be calm, bring in personal experiences and hobbies in your answers.
  9. Consider having post it notes around the screen to prompt you and not have so many notes to overwhelm you to refer to.
  10. Video yourself and watch it back.

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