Looking at the results of our survey across financial services firms last week, we have which established that it is worthwhile job hunting in the current market – using a more all-encompassing approach.  Networking is one approach and the survey results showed that 42% of those surveyed would be happy to hear from anyone who is job hunting – even when they are not actively hiring!

We also asked the question: What do you think job seekers should focus on at the moment? Once again, networking scored very highly; as well as reviewing your CV and LinkedIn profile:

Most interestingly, only 7% of respondents suggested that job seekers should focus on actually applying for jobs, whilst 46% suggested reviewing your CV and LinkedIn profile with 13% suggesting up-skilling.  This really shows that the general take in the market is that there is not much recruitment going on, so the best use of a job seekers time would be to improve their online presence and their skillset.

Many of the respondents also had ideas on what they thought those who have been made redundant could be focussing on at the moment.  These included:

“Assess the best fit for their career rather than applying everywhere”.  So, researching the sector or market you are keen to work in is key.  This will ensure you know it is where you would like to be in the future but also enable you to demonstrate your passion and focus when you apply.

Think through “How they can generate revenue for an employer or, if more junior, add value”.  This is an excellent idea as it will help you make the most of each opportunity.  You will be able to “sell” yourself confidently.

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