Xavier Rolet, the CIO of The London Stock Exhange, in an exclusive interview with the Financial News, said that global regulatory agenda is “effectively killing” equity markets.

The new accounting rules, Solvency II and Basel III, are having a big contribution towards the dysfuntionality of the equity markets.

With the new regulatory changes and tighter policies, we are likely to see subdued revenue growth and more job losses in 2012-14.

However, it seems that Investment Banks are always reinventing the wheel, developing new ideas, funds to grow etc., and after trimming their bank sheets, cutting staff and restructuring their operations, the outlook should brighten and investors could soon rediscover equities.

There is further talk of a swathe of debt-for-equity swaps across the industry as two high profile private equity backed buyouts are facing critical restructurings this week.

Alan Mitchell are still seeing a modest hiring trend in the Equities space, mainly for Analyst 1 and Analyst 2 roles. With London still being amongst the best place for Investors and companies looking for capital, we don’t expect to see a significant fall in job opportunities.

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