Melissa Howard and Douglas Stormonth-Darling are our specialist M&A consultants working with all sizes of banks and boutiques with specific sector focusses they have built in-depth market knowledge and a real passion for:

 Melissa covers:

  • TMT
  • FIG
  • Consumer and Retail
  • Healthcare

 Douglas covers:

  • Infrastructure
  • Natural Resources and Mining
  • Support and Business Services
  • Energy and Power

The first quarter of 2015 has started with a flurry of activity!  Melissa and Douglas have been very busy with numerous new mandates and meeting a lot of new to the market candidates looking to make considered career moves.

In terms of salaries Analyst level salaries tend to be fairly uniform across all types of firms:

Analyst 1                              c£50k

Analyst 2                              C£55K

Analyst 3                              c£60k

Associate level salaries vary dependant on the bank/boutique with the bulge brackets paying higher salaries but are around:

Associate 1                         c£75k

Associate 2                         c£100k

Associate 3                         c£120k

As far as bonuses are concerned they vary hugely from Bank to Bank but typically are between 50-100% of base salary with the Associates tending to get the 100% bonuses.

Melissa and Douglas have noticed a significant increase in M&A recruitment right across the board at all banks and boutiques.  Particular areas of high demand for candidates are those with sector coverage in TMT, FIG and Infrastructure.  The bigger banks have also picked up their recruitment in the last couple of months with budgeted head count increases in M&A for 2015.

Motivators for candidates looking to make a career move are very much based around them looking to work in smaller teams and build their skills with more transactional exposure.  There have not been so many cuts or redundancies recently and hence confidence to make a move is high and there are more candidates actively looking or interested in hearing about new opportunities.

With increased confidence and transactional activity in the M&A market place now really is the time to either build your team or find out more about career opportunities out there!

To find out more please contact either Melissa or Douglas:

Melissa Howard              

Tel:         020 3440 7656


Douglas Stormonth-Darling

Tel:         020 3440 7661