For anyone who has been made redundant or is feeling unsure about their future career prospects Covid-19 and lockdown have made job hunting a daunting task.  Uncertainty is prevalent and many firms have halted their recruitment plans.  However, there are still opportunities out there in front office investment banking.

Last week we surveyed hundreds of financial services companies in the City, including investment banks, specialist boutiques, broking firms and investment houses asking them if they are hiring or if they know of anyone who is. The results were encouraging:

The opportunities may be few and far between, but they are out there so it really is worthwhile job hunting.

However, job hunting at the moment requires a very different and more complex approach than the classic applying for live job vacancies.  You need to plan and organise yourself so that you are ready to grab an opportunity when it comes along.  Think long term and use this opportunity to polish up and improve how you present yourself to the market as well as focusing on what you want your next career step to be and where you want to be in the future.

Another focus area should be to network with the companies and individuals you are keen to work with and the recruiters who recruit into your interest area.  As part of our survey we asked recruitment decision makers if they would be happy to hear from job seekers and again the response was positive:

So, with 25% of those surveyed willing to look at applications and 42% happy to network there is a real opportunity to make contacts and be considered for career opportunities.

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