Overall compensation for investment bankers is down 35% on this time last year and compensation is set to fall by up to a further 30% with bonus announcements to come this month. In addition the high volume of redundancy announcements across the sector have left morale within the investment banking sector at an all time low.

In line with this, Alan Mitchell have seen a marked increase in the number of bankers looking to move out of banks and into independent advisory houses with the top reason being clarity and transparency around bonus figures

Top Investment Banking 5 push factors:

1) Clarity and transparency around bonus figures
2) Increased job security
3) Greater client exposure, responsibility and deal flow
4) Better work life balance
5) Increased exposure to private equity clients

Alan Mitchell is currently representing an extensive range of opportunities offering the above benefits. We are keen to hear from corporate financiers currently working for investment banks looking to enhance their careers. Please contact Ben Browning on 0207 156 5172