Data from IMAS, which tracks FSA approved  employees across all banks in London, suggests of all departures of all FSA approved employees from leading banks so far this year are taken into account, the rate of re-employment is only 25%.

In 2012, 2,992 approved people have left Merrill Lynch International, Societe Generale, BNP Paribas, Barclays Capital, RBS NV, Nomura International, Credit Suisse International, UBS Limited, Citigroup Global Markets, JPMorgan Securities, Morgan Stanley International and Goldman Sachs International. Of those, only 753 have been registered as FSA Approved employees at other firms in London.

Re-employability by bank:*

1. RBS NV: 46%

2. Barclays Capital: 29%

3. Credit Suisse International: 28%

4. JPMorgan Securities: 26%

5. Morgan Stanley International: 25%

6. UBS Limited: 24%

=6. Goldman Sachs International: 24%

=6. Merrill Lynch International: 24%

7. BNP Paribas: 23%

8. Citigroup Global Markets: 19%

=9. Nomura 19%

10. Societe Generale 15%

*Defined as percentage of FSA Approved persons who’ve left the bank this year and found new Approved Persons jobs in the City

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