In this instalment of ideas to build your CV we are considering layouts. There are hundreds of layouts available to adapt online and everyone has a very different idea of what a CV should look like and plenty of advice to pass on.

The layout of your CV is important to ensure that it can be easily read and is clear and simple for recruiters to navigate. Our advice would be to stick to a simple, traditional version using the following section headers:

  • Personal Details
  • Personal statement – tailor this to each opportunity you apply for and ensure it includes evidence of your skills and achievements
  • Education
  • Qualifications
  • Work Experience – Careers history and experience
  • Skills and Achievements – again do ensure these are relevant to the opportunity you are applying for. You could include IT and financial modelling skills here or language skills.
  • Hobbies and Interests
  • References

A lot of questions come up around the issue of adding a deal list to showcase your transaction experience. Our advice would be that in the Corporate Finance sector it is always advisable to add details of the deals you have worked on – you do not need to name names, but you should cover:

  • Type of Company – e.g. privately owned, AIM listed etc.
  • Size of company – annual turnover
  • Sector
  • Deal type – e.g. MBO, takeover
  • Your involvement in the deal
  • Date and stage of deal

Again, do ensure your example deals are relevant to the role you are applying for. E.g. if the role is for a TMT team ensure you include details of all the TMT transactions you have worked on.

Finally – do not be afraid to sell yourself and do get someone to read it through before you send it! Please follow this link to a template you are welcome to use to get started on pulling your CV together.

If you would like some tailored advice and guidance to review your CV please do get in touch by emailing We are offering a free half an hour with our qualified and experienced careers advisor who has over 20 years’ experience in recruitment and has extensive experience of reviewing CV’s. This is an excellent opportunity to benefit from some professional and targeted guidance.

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