With recruitment picking up in front office investment banking now really is the time to review your CV and get it ready to send out.  This week we are focussing on tips to help you ensure that CV makes a positive impact and secures you an interview, whether that is virtual or face to face.

In our first installment we cover some simple things that your CV must be.

Your CV is a representation of you, and you should always bear in mind it is a sales document designed to secure you an interview.

It should always be:

  • Factually accurate
  • Clear and easy to read with correct grammar and spelling – bullet points are a good idea
  • To the point, with no long explanations
  • Relevant to the role you are applying for
  • Include details of what you can bring to the company – contacts, deal experience (a transaction list), track record (P&L, production etc.)

If you would like some tailored advice and guidance to review your CV please do get in touch by emailing philip@alan-mitchell.co.uk.  We are offering a free half an hour with our qualified and experienced careers advisor who has over 20 years’ experience in recruitment and has extensive experience of reviewing CV’s. This is an excellent opportunity to benefit from some professional and targeted guidance.

For more tips to turn your record of education and experience into a sales document to secure you that interview, please follow Alan Mitchell on LinkedIn to ensure you see this week’s posts which are all focussed on making the most of your CV.