The job outlook may be rosier for finance and accounting specialists eyeing other industries.

Roughly 5% of chief financial officers plan to hire new staff in the fourth quarter, compared to 6% who anticipate making cuts, according to a recent survey conducted by Robert Half International. Decision makers at retail and wholesale firms anticipate making net adds of 3% and 4%, respectively, in their finance and accounting departments in the fourth quarter.

But perhaps the best news is that nearly 60% of CFOs are at least somewhat confident of their growth potential for the coming quarter, with 36% expressing deep confidence. That optimism contrasts programs at big banks that are slashing jobs and dialling back employee compensation packages as part of industry-wide cost-cutting initiatives.

Perhaps it’s time to find out if your skill set could be transferrable to another sector and open up more opportunities?

Recently, Alan Mitchell advised a London banker on a potential move to an Agricultural Consultancy role in Edinburgh. It’s surprising the number of candidates who narrow down their options, thinking their skill set isn’t transferrable, when actually their skills are very sought after in other areas.

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