Facebook has announced its IPO, filing its intentions with the US Securities and Exchange Commission.  The talk pre-announcement is that Facebook will be valued at anywhere between $75bn and $100bn. Revenues in 2011 have been estimated at just short of $4bn, with further growth expected in 2012.

With Google setting up a new base in East London, we are seeing other big tech firms also hovering around the city.  Bigger tech companies are expanding into London, introducing expertise in development, software, technology and Ecommerce opportunities.

Old Street roundabout, has been coined the Silicon Roundabout since 2009, being  Britain’s answer to California’s tech-centric  Silicon Valley.  This was the start of a dozen digital start-ups three years ago, but now there are at least 300 tech companies situated here.

“Tech is the new rock’n’roll,” says Richard Moross, who became one of the Roundabout’s founding fathers when his online printing company Moo.com arrived in 2008. “TechCityis a bit like  Kings Road was in the 60s.”

The Tech sector is booming right now and we are seeing lots of recruitment opportunities in the Tech Advisory space.

Louise Högberg, our Corporate Finance Specialist has a number of roles on with varies Technology M&A boutiques in London.  Louise can be contacted directly on (0207) 156 5177.