Cast your minds back to December ….. Almost every futures line manager throughout the City was in hiring mode – scouting out who they could snap up in time for Q1. Christmas had come early for head hunters covering this space and those brokers, sales traders and salesmen in the Listed and ETD space

[in processes] were on the verge of landing their dream jobs.

Cue January. Nothing happened – well at least no hiring happened. There were however, plenty of high profile redundancies including those at a Tier One US Investment Bank (Mentioning no nameS!). But just like our weather the banks froze and no one was getting a job. The forecast was pretty miserable and we had a long winter ahead.

March on the other hand has shown an enormous change in attitude. Banks are now hiring, brokerage houses are aggressively hiring and it’s as if Q1 never happened. The broking space (which was almost written off at one point) is picking up and even some of the large investment banks are starting to negotiate their headcount with the various HR departments.

The issue is that the bar has been raised. Where before, your P&L may have been deemed solid and acceptable at £800,000 – many line managers are now demanding candidates have a transferable client base worth in excess of £1,500,000.

It’s still a tough market but it seems that plenty is going on with the outlook being that it’s only going to get better.

Alan Mitchell are currently representing a number of institutional brokerage houses and investment banks currently hiring in the Listed/ETD futures and options space and we’d be very keen to here from high calibre bankers and brokers interested in looking for new opportunities (whether it be fixed income, equities or commodity focused).