Interviews are an opportunity for you to impress a potential employer, find out more about the opportunity and decide if it is something you are keen to do.

Above all, it is an opportunity for you to sell yourself and progress your application for the vacancy through to offer stage, when you can start making some real decisions.

There is lots of advice out there on what to make sure you do to impress at interview; but there are also 3 golden rules to stick to of things that you should not do:

  1. Never be negative – steer clear of negativity about companies, individuals, teams or your reason for leaving – be constructive and honest but keep comment concise and in no way personal. Corporate Finance is a small world, and everyone has a strong network.  Play your cards close to your chest.


  1. Maintain professionalism – do build rapport by chatting but do not get carried away. Steer clear of divulging in-depth thoughts and personal situations; an interview is not the time to air your views or confide any information such as why you are getting divorced or how fascinated you became with hair growth over lock down.  Always be professional even if your interviewer steers off track.


  1. Maintain confidentiality – in the Corporate Finance sector a lot of what you have achieved and worked on is confidential – particularly transactions you are currently working on. Respect that confidentiality, for example, talk about businesses in terms of size and sector and individuals in terms of level in their company. Your interviewer will appreciate you showing discretion and respect, as that is a key quality they will be looking for.

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