“Bina was by far the most friendly and personable recruiter that I came into contact with during my job search. She was very supportive, calling me on a regular basis to check in with me, and was also very responsive to any queries from my side. I really appreciate that Bina has made the effort to keep in touch after I accepted the offer and even went to the length of sending a congratulatory bottle of champagne during my first few days on the job!”

“Philip did an excellent job in both identifying my key requirements in my job search as well as highlighting a need which the employer hadn’t even realised existed – in other words he provided real added value – and subsequently managed the process with discretion, diplomacy and good humour.”

“I met Philip in early October 2015, soon after another disheartening interaction with another recruitment firm that lost interest in me too quickly; something my colleagues and I agree can put you off the job hunt entirely. He invited me to the Alan Mitchell offices and interviewed me thoroughly before sending back through a summary assessment of my situation and the roles I would prefer. Barely a few weeks later he had secured me an interview with my now current employer; an employer that suits me entirely. It was clear he paid a great deal of attention to the things I said in putting me forward for a role I may not have otherwise found. He was incredibly attentive and always followed up after every interaction I had with the firm. This level of care and dedication is extremely rare in the industry and unique to Philip’s personality. He is completely sensitive to just how daunting switching a career can be and I have since meeting him had the most pleasant experience in all my years of work. He has certainly restored my faith in the system and I am extremely grateful to him for introducing me to a new future. “